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Legacy Point provides financial and economic modeling, due diligence, analytical services and feasibility studies on business transactions.  We work closely with our clients, legal, engineering, tax and management teams.

Legacy Point's broad experience provides the knowledge and necessary skills to make business opportunities “bankable” to the Institution and Private sectors.  Guided by a global vision and with a local perspective, our investment banking practice is integrated with trusted financial affiliates.  

Our wide scope of services creates a broad and comprehensive platform, which enables us to provide superior transaction closing, sustained follow through and client support.  Through our strategic alliances we offer financial advisory services, capital raising, management and financial modeling.

We have a strong understanding for the needs and challenges growing middle market companies face and our skills and experience make us uniquely qualified to serve as advisors.   We have established over the years and continue to grow a broad network of successful relationships across the globe enabling us to provide the following services:

•  Structured Financed Insurance

•  Cash Management

•  Evaluation and Tactical Planning

•  Alternative Capital Markets

•  Mezzanine Financing

•  Institutional Capital Infusion

•  Management Buyouts

•  Wealth Accumulation


•  Minority Investments

•  Debt Financing

•  Joint Ventures

•  Leveraged Recapitalization

•  Financial Modeling & Structuring

•  Bond Lifts & Private Placement Transactions

 Roll-Up Strategies

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